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Municipal Solid Waste Incinerators

  Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is trash which is generated from residential dwellings, offices, hotels, canteens etc. It mainly consists of:

• Dry leaves, grass, twigs, tree branches etc.
• Waste paper and cardboard.
• Packaging material like polythene, wood,
  thermocol, jute etc.
• Kitchen waste.
• PVC and plastic waste.

The waste mix is varied in nature as it has different physical and chemical characteristics. To incinerate MSW, BLACKHOLE incinerators have following salient features:

• Combustion efficiency of 99%.
• Gas residence time of minimum 1 second in
  the Secondary Combustion Chamber.
• Temperatures of 750 to 850°C and 1000 to
  1100°C in Primary & Secondary Combustion
  Chambers respectively.
Equipment can also be designed and supplied to meet specific requirements of the customers/local pollution control authorities.

Optional accessories like gas scrubbers, continuous emission monitoring & recording systems, automatic waste feeding systems, ash removal systems and heat recovery systems can be supplied on request.

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