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Nika Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Industries We Serve

  Incineration is now the most popular method of waste disposal for majority of the industries. Some of the sectors* that have adopted this system are mentioned below:

Hospitals & Blood Banks
Research & Pathological Laboratories
Hotels, Resorts & Residential Dwellings
Canteens & Restaurants
Oil Refineries
Chemical Industries
Pharmaceutical Industries
Auto and Auto Ancillary Units
Cement Industries
Tanneries & Slaughter/Animal Houses
Paint Shops
Municipal Corporations
Packaging Industries
Food Processing Industries

* Our expertise are however, not limited to these
industries alone.
Incineration Systems Incineration Systems
Incinerators Incinerators
Industrial Waste Industrial Waste
Municipal Solid Waste Municipal Solid Waste
Biomedical Waste Biomedical Waste
Gas Scrubbing Systems Gas Scrubbing Systems
  Blackhole Incinerators
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