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Gas Scrubbing Systems

  Complying with the stringent pollution norms, the scrubbers clean the flue gases formed during incineration. The Scrubbing System is available in two formats. First a single stage Scrubbing System consisting of either a Venturi Scrubber or a Packed Bed Scrubber. The second is double stage system consisting of both Venturi as well as Packed Bed Scrubber.

A Venturi Scrubber has two cones placed vertically with a narrow throat joining the two. The gas enters the top cone (converging section) where it is sprayed with water. Both then converge at the narrow aperture of the throat where the velocity of the gas increases and there is heavy pressure drop creating a turbulent condition. This mixture then moves to the bottom cone (diverging section) where the water turns into fine drops and the mixture moves into the re-circulation tank.

A Packed Bed Scrubber is a vertical cylindrical column where the water is sprayed from the top and gas released from the bottom in the opposite direction. The tower is filled with raschig rings allow for more contact area and interaction time between the two due to the zig zag flow of water and gases in the opposite direction.

The water for scrubbers is drawn by the re-circulation pumps and re-circulated in a closed loop. An ID fan is provided to compensate for the pressure drop in the scrubbing system. 

Incinerator with Two Stage Scrubbing System

Gas Scrubbing Systems Incinerator with Two Stage

After the cleaning, the gases go into a droplet separator which prevents carryover of the water droplets into the duct, ID fan and stack. A pH Control Station consisting of Alkali Dosing pump, Alkali Tank and a Digital pH Controller maintain the neutral pH value of the water being circulated thereby keeping the system corrosion free.
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