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Nika Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

About us


Our Story!

The Beginning

In 1995, Mr. K.K. Khanna, a mechanical engineer from the prestigious Delhi College of Engineering, concerned about the increasing pollution of the environment, decided to fight it than just be a mute spectator.

Fusing his passion for green technologies with his concern for the environment, Mr. Khanna created Nika Engineers Pvt. Ltd.!

Here he developed waste management technologies to solve the problem of growing biomedical and industrial waste and shrinking landfill sites. 

The Story Continues
More than a decade has passed since, and we have grown bigger with offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore along with representatives in some Asian and African countries. Our passion for constant innovations, strict quality control and quick and efficient after sales service, has made us one of the most sought after companies not only in India but also abroad.

The Significance of Our Corporate Logo


Our corporate logo encompasses all that we stand for and all that we want to achieve.

The flame here holds many meanings for us. At one level it shows our ever burning desire to excel and give the best products and services to our clients. At another level it refers to the ancient belief of fire as purifying agent, an element that purges us of all evil. Through our waste management technology, we address the larger problem of pollution that our planet faces. We hope to purge our planet of this evil.

The colours of blue and green signify our dream to achieve a clean and healthy environment. We are totally committed to fighting pollution.

Vision & Mission


To become a global leader, reputed for providing state of the art pollution control systems for a greener tomorrow.

• Delivering innovative and cutting edge pollution
  control technologies for a cleaner world.

• Meeting customer requirements through
  stringent quality checks, timely delivery and
  prompt customer service.

• To develop an effective management system
  that stresses on productivity, perpetual
  development of the organization while instilling
  work ethics in all personnel.

Quality Policy

Nika Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is committed to providing high quality products and services. We ensure full customer satisfaction through timely delivery of goods and prompt after sales service.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality
Management System

ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Incineration Systems Incineration Systems
Incinerators Incinerators
Industrial Waste Industrial Waste
Municipal Solid Waste Municipal Solid Waste
Biomedical Waste Biomedical Waste
Gas Scrubbing Systems Gas Scrubbing Systems
  Blackhole Incinerators
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